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15 Jul 2019
Go Lang, Innovation, Languages & Frameworks, Rails, Tech, Technology & Trends

GIS on Rails

Dealing with Geospatial data is cumbersome and at the same time, it is fun. Developers who do it for the first time might enter some road blockers but as you progress it gives a joy of learning. GIS stands for Geographic information system which deals…

Startups & VCs, Technology & Trends

Making Design Accessible Everywhere — Getting Started

Building something cool but not designed to work for everyone? Well, it’s time you should, after you read this article. We’re living in an age where people jaw-drop and admire the fancy, artsy user interfaces on Dribbble (dribbblisation of design) and do not care about…

Business, Technology & Trends

7 commandments of an amazing UI

User Interface design creates the first but long-lasting impression about your brand. A neat and intuitive design aesthetic makes it easier for users to take action, as it’s development is centered around users’ satisfaction and the product’s character, thus increasing the chances of long term…