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25 Jun 2019
Business, Technology & Trends

7 commandments of an amazing UI

User Interface design creates the first but long-lasting impression about your brand. A neat and intuitive design aesthetic makes it easier for users to take action, as it’s development is centered around users’ satisfaction and the product’s character, thus increasing the chances of long term…

Technology & Trends

Decoding Web Design and Development Best Practices

Even though the milestone of 1 billion websites was crossed in 2014, the science of web development has not come to a standstill, but rapidly evolved and sustained. As billions of websites crowd the internet, the question that can’t be ignored resurfaces- what makes a...
Business, Startups & VCs

6 Tips to Grow your Start-Up

Coming up with an idea is great, but running with it and building a sustainable business around it is the challenge. Start-Ups these days in spite of having amazing products and real-world solutions, lack the way to present themselves which may lead to lesser than...